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Sparking Mindfulness Magic Worldwide.


Are you ready to ignite your passion for transforming the lives of children and young people through the magic of mindfulness and wellbeing? Are you eager to be the catalyst for positive change in schools and communities by delivering awe-inspiring wellbeing sessions that leave a lasting impact?

Imagine the thrill of guiding young minds towards inner peace, resilience, and holistic growth through the art of mindfulness. Picture yourself leading magical mindfulness sessions, introducing the wonders of yoga or orchestrating soul-soothing healing experiences that will leave children beaming with happiness. But why stop there? Do you have a unique, ground-breaking idea that could revolutionise the way children nurture their minds, bodies, souls, and spirits?

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Do you want to make a profound difference to little humans?

"As a Qualified Teacher and Expert of Children’s Mindfulness and Yoga I have witnessed first-hand the emotional crisis that is occurring for children in schools. There has never been a more poignant time to bring hope through mindfulness magic to schools and communities. Every child needs to believe how much their existence matters."

Tesha Matthew
Happy Little Humans Company Director

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Calling out to passionately aspiring children’s coaches, educators and teachers who wish to be part of shaping the future of our little humans. Do you have the capability and excitement to bring mindfulness and wellbeing into schools, home education settings and communities like never before? The world is waiting for your incredible vision – have you been asking for transformation for the educational system and supporting mechanisms for children’s futures - grab this revolutionary opportunity and let's begin this magical journey together!

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Imagine a world of limitless potential where every child's journey is met with mindfulness, inspiration, and growth. Happy Little Humans Franchise isn't just a holistic business opportunity; it's a gateway to shaping young minds and creating lasting impact.

Founder and Director Tesha Matthew with her fully Divine Curriculum trained team are here to guide and support passionate children’s coaches just like you to design your very own Happy Little Humans Business to transform the way children learn, grow, and embrace their full potential.

As a Happy Little Human Franchisee, you can design and run your business to fit around your life and family, as well as choosing if you wish to deliver your sessions in schools, home education and/or community settings. Imagine a career working with children that's not only fulfilling but also financially rewarding and successful.

You are not just a coach;

you're a beacon of light in a child's journey.

With the potential to hold just two workshops a week, you could generate up to ÂŁ2400 of monthly income, all while making a difference in young lives. But that's just the beginning: we empower you with the magical Happy Little Human Branding, equipping you with tools that make you stand out in the crowd. Leverage our expertly crafted website, social media templates and otterly amazing branding to showcase your passion for children's well-being

Happy Little Humans Franchise package includes:

Happy Little Humans start up online tutorials.

Branded marketing and promotional materials.

Personalised branded website template.

Extensive children's mindfulness training.

Full access to online resource library.

Networking forum to meet other Franchisees.

VIP Ticket to Annual Conference.

Continued support with Founder Tesha Matthew

Start a journey of continuous growth.

With our quarterly online franchise training sessions, led by none other than the renowned Tesha Matthew or one of her fully trained team members. Connect with fellow Franchisees in the Success Forum, where ideas flow and dreams take shape. Fuel your knowledge with monthly guest speakers in business development, education, and children's mindfulness. And imagine the excitement of our annual in-person Happy Little Humans conference, a gathering of inspiring souls who share your aspiration to making a difference. But that's not all. Access a treasure chest of online teaching resources that elevate your Happy Little Humans workshops to new heights. Plus, with priority access to Divine Curriculum Ltd job opportunities, your career potential knows no bounds.

If you feel inspired to become a Happy Little Humans Franchisee or want to book a workshop or class complete the contact form below.